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it’s official

June 22, 2007

I’m old.

As I’ve mentioned, I live in an urban section of Cincinnati. I love, love, love it here, except when passers-by insist on booming their car stereos. Seriously, it’s a problem–for the windows in my apartment and the fillings in my teeth. I can’t express the sheer decibel level other than to say that conversations stop when some of these jokers drive by. There’s just no talking over it.

I realize I should be thankful I live in such a safe neighborhood that my biggest problem is too much duuuuurh-durrh, duuuuuuuurh-durrh, but that doesn’t stop me from harboring fantasies of egging one tan Caprice in particular from my office window.

Anyway, today, just now, my curmudgeon’s heart nearly burst with joy as I heard the Caprice drive by followed by a “You need to turn your music down” from a loudspeaker. As I peeked out the window, I saw a cruiser cruising right behind my man, telling him to shut it down.

I can barely contain myself.

Pass the Ensure.