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the glamour of getting a phd

June 28, 2008

It’s Saturday night, I’m writing, and it’s a gorgeous summer evening. The bar down the street is hopping.

I have a wine spritzer, though, and the writing is actually fun. So it’s all good. Sparkling water (50%), ice (40%), and Chardonnay (10%). (Okay, maybe 30/20 on the ice/wine.)

Yes, I’m a product of the 80s. Leave me alone…


running as avoidance

June 5, 2008

When I was finishing up the last chapter of my master thesis, I ran a lot—just over six miles a day, five or six days per week.**  The exercise was great for my body, of course, but what I really ran for was my mind.  At the time I was writing a chapter about evolutionary theory, deevolution, pessimism, and Jude the Obscure, arguably one of the most depressing novels ever written.  That was spring of 2000 and I can still remember escaping my apartment into the warmth of the sun and feeling an enormous weight lift from my mind. 

As coincidence would have it, I’ve been revising a chapter on eugenic sterilization this week, arguably one of the most depressing subjects in the history of science.  (Why do I choose such topics?  I don’t know.  A subject for another post, I guess.)  It’s 90 and extremely humid today in Cincinnati—I’ve been on a diet of iced coffee and ice water since 10:00 am—however, I can barely wait to take a run.  At this point, anything is better than writing another word about sterilization… 

**I know there are folk out there who would sneeze at 30-35 miles per week, but for me it’s “a lot.”