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Resisting the Urge to Cite LL Cool J

March 8, 2016

Though for how long, I don’t know. It’s hard to say “no” to the perfect title.

I want to start writing again. I’ve been back to this blog many times over the past six months, reading, rereading, remembering. My life is so different–job, house, dog, child, tenure… .  I know I share many qualities with the woman who used to write in this space, and yet I scarcely recognize the world she inhabited.

Part of the challenge in resurrecting this blog has been my sense that I need to return with something witty or significant or all-encompassing. It’s been so long…shouldn’t I have some earth-shattering insights by now?

Alas, I do not. I’m just older and perhaps more sensible…though even that is up for debate.